June 26, 2009

Cardiologist Update

I received the written report from Chase's cardiologist visit today - and as always there are little issues with his heart that the doctor did not mention to me at the appointment. Thank goodness that they send a followup summary via the mail, otherwise I would never find out about some of these things!

The doctor called Chase's echocardiogram "reassuring", which of course makes me feel good. The normal-appearing valves is also good news.

The two issues the cardiologist will follow-up on are the PFO (Patent foramen Ovale) which I mentioned in a previous post, and also "mild right ventricular enlargement and RVH." RVH stands for right ventricular hypertrophy and seems to mean that the right ventricle is thickened. (Please correct me if I'm wrong!) This happens due to stress on the heart because of hypertension in the lungs (which Chase had at birth) among other reasons. Because Chase's case is mild, it will be asymptomatic and shouldn't present any problems now. I'm not sure what this means for down the road.

Regardless, with so many people praying, we are just hoping that both these issues resolve themselves on their own! So please pray for Chase, and we will wait until he is a year old for a repeat look at his heart.

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  1. Mer.,
    You and your family are in my prayers every day, your two little boys are the sweetest little boys I've ever seen.