June 11, 2009


Our inaugural blog post! Wow! People keep telling us we need to start a blog, or some way to keep everyone updated on how things are going with little Chasey. So I have given in, and am having a go at it! :)

We have been blessed by so many prayers and meals and calls and support of all different kinds these past couple months. Hopefully this blog will allow people to know how to continue praying for Chase (and us as well!), and will allow us to show off cute pictures of our two little boys!

For those who have not been following life in the Hilton household these past three months, I will start from the beginning.

Chase was born March 10th at 4pm at Northside Hospital here in Atlanta, measuring 8lbs 8oz and 20 inches long. The birth was fairly simple, though Chase was born with the umbilical cord around his neck and was quite blue - the pediatric team in the room had to work on him for quite some time before he was able to breath on his own. That emergency behind us, we were thrilled to have our baby in our arms. When he was handed to me, however, I noticed that his eyes were a bit different and didn't know what to think about it. Apparently the nurse in the room noticed as well, as she was quiet as she bathed and dressed the baby, and alerted the neonatologists after the baby was taken briefly to the nursery.

We were informed that night that Chase most likely had Down syndrome (Trisomy 21) - a chromosomal abnormality which took place at the second of his conception, nine months prior to his birth. In shock, we called several people from our church to ask them to start praying - for the results of the DNA test, and for us as we processed everything that was happening. After several days, the genetic test came back to confirm that Chase had three of his 21st chromosomes - he had Down syndrome.

The chances that Chase would have Down syndrome (with us only 28 years old) were only 1 in 1165 - there was a 99.99% chance that he would not have this genetic disorder. The fact that Chase was that 1 in 1165 reinforced to us what we already knew - that God had his hands in all aspects of Chase's life, and that we would just have to trust that God would use Chase to bring glory to his name, disability and all.

God was gracious to allow Chase a healthy heart, free of the congenital heart defects so often present in babies with Down syndrome. Although he stayed in the NICU for five days, it was only for oxygen to get rid of high blood pressure in his lungs, and to make sure he would be able to feed well and gain enough weight before going home. Because we lived only ten minutes from the hospital, we traveled back and forth several times a day so that we could be there to feed Chase every 3-4 hours. We were overjoyed to finally bring him home with us on March 17th, free of all health problems!

Down syndrome presents itself with physical and cognitive developmental delays. So Chase receives both physical and occupational therapy once a week to make sure that he develops along the timeline that a typical baby would follow and to increase his muscle tone and strength. There are also extra doctors appointments with specialists to check for health complications which are common in babies with Chase's diagnosis.

Chase is now three months and is developing right along at a three month level so far. We exercise him each day, but are making sure to spend lots of time just loving on and bonding with him too! He truly is such a sweet and cuddly baby - we are thrilled to have him with us! Big brother Trent is having fun playing with him as well, and even helps change his diapers and give him baths!

We are so thankful for all of your prayers and interest in Chase's health! We don't know God's plan for Chase, but we are assured that God was there, crafting his little body before he was even born. We know Chase was created with a very special purpose in God's kingdom and to bring glory to God! We praise God for this, and for the blessing of both our sweet sweet little boys!

Here are photos of Chase - click below on the links!

His Birth

2 Months

3 Months

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