July 26, 2009

Ribbons and Bells on our Toes

One of the big differences with having a son with Down syndrome is how intentional we need to be in teaching Chase how to develop. We spend much more time working on our tummy, tracking toys, and we have tons of weekly exercises to strengthen Chase's muscles to lead him down the road to rolling over, sitting, etc. We even exercise Chase's mouth! It's a lot of time and work, but at least we can do these things while disguising the exercise as playtime!

Our goals sometime sound so silly - this week our new goals are for Chase to learn how to clink links together, pass a link from one hand to the other, and to learn to play with his toes. Never before did I think about how important it is for a baby to play with his feet!!

To encourage this playing with toes, we are tying ribbons to Chase's feet to get his attention and interest. Yes - it really does look funny! Although Amazon sells a Foot Finder Set, I feel like there are new therapy related toys to buy each week, so I am opting for the creative solution this time around. If I make it to the craft store, I might pick up some bells to thread onto the ribbons so that there is some auditory cues as well.

So not only do we have fun while playing with Chase and teaching him how to do these little baby activities, but we're also getting a good laugh in the process!

1 comment:

  1. What a great idea to put ribbons on feet. I wish I thought of that when Matthew was little. You are so creative.