July 14, 2009

Double Pediatrician Visit

We had our birthday checkups (doesn't that make it sound like fun?!) for both boys at the pediatrician today and they were thankfully very uneventful!

Trent had his 3 year appt and got to have big-boy stuff done like have his blood pressure taken - very cute. He was 32 lbs and the "Bob the Builder" measuring tape showed his height at 37 inches. He gets to be checked by the ENT on Friday to see about his enormous tonsils coming out.

Chase, for 4 months, was 15 pounds, 27 inches - 50% for weight and 30% for height on the typical child growth charts. (He's around 90% on the Down syndrome chart) He took three vaccinations with only a pouty lip (brave baby!) and checked out great! He will also see the ENT on Friday to have his hearing checked and his tiny little ear canals looked at to check for fluid, etc.

Here is Chase's schedule for the next 2 months:
*7/17 - ENT
*8/13 - Pediatric Ophthalmologist (to check vision and check for cataracts - routine for kids with Down syndrome)
*9/1 - Thyroid Labs (also routine for DS)
*9/10 - 6 month Pediatrician appointment

He is also continuing his weekly Occupational Therapy & Physical Therapy and will add Speech Therapy next month.

Despite a steady stream of appointments, Chase is doing great and we are continually reminded by how healthy he is! Thanks to all who continue praying for him!


  1. I love that smile!

  2. Great news on uneventful appointments! My fingers will be crossed for both boys upcoming appointments. I love seeing your pics by the way, your family is absolutely gorgeous :)