July 5, 2009

Fourth of July & Bumbo

On the Fourth of July, we drove to the North Georgia Mountains and hiked the last bit up to the highest point in Georgia! The hike was only .6 of a mile, but was quite steep.... and Trent hiked the whole thing on his own two feet! Chase got a good view of everything as well since he is now big enough to ride in the front carrier face forwards! The sights were beautiful and we could see not only Georgia, but Tennessee and North Carolina as well!

In other news, Chase is now strong enough to sit in his Bumbo Seat
by himself without falling over! Even though he can't yet sit on his own without it, the Bumbo Seat
gives him enough support that he can keep that position on his own without bobbing around. (see photo) He's also started to lift his legs and hips as if he's trying to grab his toes - it's very amusing to watch. We love seeing him progress and constantly get stronger!

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  1. We're bumbo seat fans too! There's a photo of Matthew in his bumbo seat in my post Top 10 Baby Gotta-Haves http://billandria.blogspot.com/2009/06/top-10-baby-gotta-haves.html
    Yay for Chase's progress!!