July 24, 2009

Where did our Newborn Go?

We've known it for some time now, but our newborn is gone! We now have a big smiling baby of 17 weeks who has transitioned into his own crib in his nursery!

Chase had been sleeping in his bassinet in our room for longer than we expected as he never cries at night if he wakes up to eat....he simply will shuffle around in his crib to wake me up. So considerate! :) I had been worried that if he was in his own room, the baby monitor wouldn't pick up his rustling, but I gave in early this week and transitioned him to the nursery anyway. It's working out well, though it does take me longer to realize the baby is awake!

We now have a big empty space in our master bedroom where the bassinet was, as a glaring sign that the newborn stage is over with. It is a reminder of the fact that we have traveled so far from the first days of Chase's life when Chase had to remain in the hospital NICU while we returned home after his birth and we attempted to digest his T21 diagnosis.

Chase is now smiling, chuckling, regarding his hands, cooing and talking to us, holding his head up high as he pushes up during tummy time, and is holding links and little toys for a couple minutes at a time. He nurses well (despite not taking a bottle easily) and eats rice, prunes, and green peas while sitting in his highchair. He loves to watch his brother play, and is thrilled when Daddy comes home to talk to him. Chase is still the easy going baby who rarely fusses, though he is being sure to let us know that a painful tooth is trying to work his way through his gum.

This happy little baby is no longer a newborn, but is teaching us about his little personality and is making sure that everyone has fallen head over heels for him! We are so lucky to have such sweet little boys!

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