August 2, 2009

Magic Marker Monday


Chase is obviously a bit little for artwork (though very adept at fingerpainting green peas...), but Trent, 3 yrs, has been doing a lot of work on his ABC's with stencils. It's nice to be creative and have fun in the air conditioning!


  1. How good are those?...a Budding Artist I think....Welcome to happy you are here

  2. My oldest son loves art too. Those are some great pictures.

    Stopped by from SITS to say hello and welcome.

  3. He did a great job on his stencils and painting!

  4. How cute is that?!? My toddler has discovered that he LOVES painting. That is all he has wanted to do that last couple days!

    Coming over from SITS with a big HELLO & Welcome!

  5. Oh, what a fun idea! I never thought of playing with alphabet stencils -- he did a fabulous job! So very glad you joined in with MMM :)

    ~Michelle @ 5MFSN