August 13, 2009

Visit to the Eye Doctor

Today was the last of Chase's many introductory specialist appointments - the ophthalmologist - and again, Chase checked out beautifully!

Eye problems are very common in people with Down syndrome, and can appear at birth or later in life. Today, we were looking for cataracts and general vision problems. I sat in the exam chair and held Chase in my lap while they spun toys in the air with rotating lights, turned the overhead lights on and off, showed videos on tv screens from across the room... all while looking into Chase's eyes with tiny eye doctor tools. It takes a lot of creativity to check a 5 month old baby's eyes!

The doctor said that Chase is a little farsighted, which is normal and good for babies his age. Chase also has a bit of astigmatism (irregularity in the shape of the eyeball) which is also normal - practically no one has a perfectly round eyeball. All in all, Chase's eyes are exactly as they should be - another great reason to praise God!

Chase will continue to get yearly checkups at the eye doctor to look for strabismus (when the eyes don't move together), vision problems, and cataracts. But from what the doctor saw today, she expects Chase to have good vision!

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  1. Chase's first visit to the eye doctor mirrors Matthew's first visit, except Matthew had a clogged tear duct. The clogged tear duct cleared up on its own when he was 9 or 10 months old so we were spared from surgery for that. Then at the 2nd visit (a year later), Matthew was still far-sighted but less than he was originally. And no cataracts or strabismus either. So for right now, we don't need eyeglasses. I hope Chase has the same good luck we had. :-)