September 23, 2009

Fox Interview - Down Syndrome Research

This interview on Fox discusses the disturbing new research showing a staggering decrease in the births of babies with Down syndrome. If the trend continues, babies with Down syndrome could disappear altogether.

One of the main reasons discussed for the decrease in births of babies with Down syndrome is that obstetricians lack the proper training to know how to properly discuss this issue with parents. Conversations with an ob or geneticist are typically clinical in nature and focus on the potential problems, rarely giving the positive side of having a child with the syndrome. The bleak view given by such doctors has helped lead to the many terminations of pregnancy after the prenatal diagnosis.

Approximately 90% of babies with Down syndrome are aborted each year, but this interview does not address whether the new research shows an increase in that number.

Hopefully the misconceptions that people have about Down syndrome can be alleviated by better training for doctors as to how to talk with mothers-to-be of babies with Down syndrome, and by sharing the wonderful experiences that mothers have in raising a child with Down syndrome.

For further articles on this, read Al Mohler's article, "Will Babies with Down Syndrome Just Disappear?" (click here)


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