September 8, 2009

Hip Helpers Anyone?

Chase has been using the Hip Helpers support shorts on his therapists' recommendation in order to prevent his hips from being splayed out too far which turns his legs out (to prevent hip abduction). This is a common problem with kids with Down syndrome. These shorts are basically bikers' shorts made of spandex but the legs are sewn together so that the child's legs stay together. If the hips stay turned out, it makes it hard for a child to start crawling and walking because the legs won't be used to being straight.

We've grown out of one size and I'm ordering the next size up today. So if anyone wants to try out a size B of the Hip Helpers, let me know and I'll send them to you at no cost.


  1. We love our "red pants"... my daughter looks so cute in them and they really do encourage her to use her stomach muscles more. I only leave them on about 20 minutes a day and she doesn't even seem to notice or be bothered by them at all. That is so sweet of you to pass yours along to someone else.

  2. hi - if you still have them, i would be interested for my little one.