September 18, 2009

More Vitamin Notes

After a lot of research and recommendations from the professionals who work with us, we're adding some new vitamins to Chase's diet.

L-Carnitine: Because of the low tone that comes along with Down Syndrome, internal muscles that you'd never think about are affected. For Chase, low tone in his gut creates a bit of constipation. Carnitine, an amino acid found mostly in meats, is a way to build up the muscle to avoid this. Laxatives help things to pass without exercising the muscles, allowing them to remain undeveloped. Adding too much fiber can create substance too large for the lax muscles to handle. With Carnitine, the gut muscle tone is improved - as is all around muscle tone. (full explanation of carnitine here)

Piracetam: Because of the extra chromosome, those with Down syndrome have increased oxidative stress which leads to faster aging, especially in the brain. Piracetam improves and prevents deterioration of the brain and alzheimer's and combats this oxidative stress. It helps with general brain function such as memory, attention, etc. Our hope is that by using Piracetam, we will be able to prevent or reduce some of the adverse affects on Chase's brain. (for more on Piracetam, click here)

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  1. Just curious- is Chase taking Nurtivene D? You can email me if you still trying to decide about vitamins.