September 17, 2009

Starting Speech!

Today we had our long-awaited first appointment with our speech therapist, Mrs. Liz! She was the absolute sweetest person ever and Chase is going to love her! Trent already loves her and was heartbroken when she couldn't stay to play trains with him.

So what do you do with a six month old baby in speech therapy? There are three things we're going to start with. Most of them are things that we already do, but we need to be doing them with intensity in order to help Chase overcome the expected speech delay as much as possible.

First, we'll do little games with Chase like peek-a-boo and the little piggies and pat-a-cake so that he can associate words with responses. For example, the excitement that kids have while cranking the lever on a jack-in-the-box while knowing that the clown can pop out at any time.

Second, we'll do joint attention - we'll talk like crazy about whatever Chase is looking at or playing with. This will help him with vocabulary. We'll also use sign language for what we're talking about. Trent is already learning and has a handful of random vocabulary that he loves to share at the most random times! The sign language will help stimulate the language part of his brain which will help him progress towards speaking earlier. It'll also build his vocab and boost his IQ. (For more on sign language, click here)

Third, we'll imitate all the sounds he makes to encourage him to keep making noise!

Down the road we'll also be working on building the oral motor skills involving the tongue and mouth, learning to use a straw, and other more "therapy oriented" activities. Anything to promote his starting to speak and learning to speak well.

So we have occupational therapy on Mondays, physical therapy on Wednesdays, and speech therapy on Thursdays. Whew! Please do keep praying for Chase, that he would move forward in therapy with things like rolling over (he's been at a standstill for weeks) and that he would generally keep up the great progress in his development.


  1. He's adorable. I will definitely pray for him. Best of luck!