October 14, 2009


Good news - Chase is starting to make some "aaaaaahhh"' sounds! It is so good to hear him "talking" .... I never thought such a simple sound could make me so happy! His aah's are a little forced, so it's hard to tell sometimes if they're happy noises or not. Hmmm. We'll have to see where they lead!

We have speech therapy tomorrow and our service coordinator will be attending to see how things are going. She has recommended a good prompt therapist that we are going to try to use with Chase. This will be another weekly or biweekly therapy session. Prompt therapy is a specialized form of speech therapy where the therapist uses her hands to move the mouth and tongue in the directions it should go in order to get the correct sounds to be produced by the mouth. This is especially helpful for kids who have trouble getting the sounds out that they want to produce - either due to apraxia, the low tone associated with Down syndrome, or lack of awareness in the mouth. So we'll add this to the repertoire of therapy and see if it helps Chase's speech development.

The new acid reflux medicine has proved tough to administer - I am literally grinding up an adult tablet of Prilosec OTC, mixing it with a tiny bit of water, and trying to get Chase to drink it up! As you can imagine, ground up raw medicine does not taste good! I'm playing around with some ways to give it to him without mixing it with food/drink .... we'll see if one of these experiments does the trick.

On a different note, reading more of Jerry Bridges has been good lately."If we want to live less stressful lives, we must learn to live with a single agenda: God's agenda. [...] We tend to live under two agendas, ours and God's and that the tension between them sets up stress." So that's my goal ... simple right? I'm working on it :)

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  1. Hey- glad that Chase is making more noises! You mentioned Prevacid OTC- do you mean the Solutab? I used to sell Prevacid and the solutab works great for kids- no grinding necessary- just put the solutab on a baby spoon with a little water and smoosh it alittle to get it to start disolving. It is strawberry flavored and it acutally tastes very good but not when it is crushed! That what will make the difference plus the medicine will not work properly if crushed. Just my two cents- I did it with both my girls for their reflux and it worked well as well as suggesting it to peditricians who said it worked well too.