October 7, 2009

Chase's Speech and the Pediatrician

We met with the pediatrician today to talk about Chase's lack of verbalization. I wanted to make sure that there was no medical issue interfering with his progress with pre-speech.

Chase is generally a quiet easy-going baby, and never complains about his reflux at all. It must be painful, but he never cries. We think that he may be getting some throat irritation from the constant reflux, which is much more acidic than your regular old spit-up. He also has a bit of thrush in the back of his throat which also could be causing additional irritation. We're going to start a new reflux medicine as well as a new medicine for the thrush.

The pediatrician suggested having the ENT look at his throat to see if his vocal cords might be irritated from the reflux. She also said to have the ENT check on his tonsils to make sure they're not enlarged and impeding air flow which could also prevent speech development. We have an ENT appointment already scheduled for next month to get his ears cleaned out (wax buildup is common in those tiny curvy ear canals associated with Down syndrome) so we'll get all this looked at then if I'm not able to get the appointment bumped up earlier.

Our next speech therapy appointment is tomorrow and we're going to talk about changes in therapy such as starting oral motor therapy and prompt exercises.

Please pray for Chase in the next coming weeks:
  • that these two medications would work to make Chase's throat less irritated.
  • that we would be able to make progress with the prespeech or diagnose the cause of the additional speech delay
  • that we would be able to put a new speech therapy plan together that both our family and the speech therapist would be confident in.


  1. You will all be in my prayers tonight!

  2. Poor Baby. Reflux is terrible. My daughter had that really bad. I hope the meds allow some comfort for him. I hope the speech therapy helps too.