October 17, 2009

Lovin' the Solutabs!

The pediatrician and the insurance company worked out an authorization for the Prevacid, and Chase started his first dose this evening. Hopefully it'll have some good results! I'm so excited about how easy this medicine is.... the solutabs actually melt in his mouth and even taste good! Part of the trouble with the old medicine (Prilosec OTC) was that he had to take the crushed medicine on an empty stomach and I could not mix it in applesauce or other food or drink. (Otherwise it wouldn't work) The new medicine is a piece of cake - he not only swallows it, but he doesn't spit it back up.

Tomorrow's the Buddy Walk here and we have one set of the boys' grandparents in town for the event. It's nice to have the extra hands around here, and good to see family. Can't wait for the big walk tomorrow - crossing my fingers for some good weather so the boys won't be too cold!

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  1. So glad you got it approved- Love those solutabs! Hope you guys have a great Buddy Walk!