October 24, 2009

Prompt Therapy

We were given the name of a fantastic speech therapist (Mrs. W.) who is certified in prompt therapy and started working with her this past week. She will be coming once a week, or perhaps twice a week with shorter sessions.

The prompt therapist started with a general assessment of Chase and gave us exercises to do with a Jiggler facial massager and Finger Gum Brush. Right now we're going to start with stimulating his mouth muscles in the hopes of "waking up his voice." The exercises will stretch out muscles that are tight and bunched up, and will help him develop certain reflexes.

After two days, we started to see some changes - coincidence or are the exercises really that effective? Either way, Chase has started making the motion used for "b" over and over again. He doesn't make the noise, but he pops his mouth open and shut over and over again with his lips wrapped around his gums like an old man who isn't wearing his dentures (...sorry for the inept description!). This was one of the actions the therpaist was hoping for, so I'm happy to see that the exercises are working quickly!

In general, Chase is making some more noises which is so wonderful after him being silent for so long! He makes some vowels, raspberries, and a laughing sounding huh-huh-huh-huh. Whether it's the medicine soothing his throat or our increased emphasis on speech therapy, Chase's pre-speech is starting to reappear. We're so thankful for the progress and the prayer Chase has been showered with!

(On a different note, my computer is being fixed so I have been slow to post updates! I will try to be better and will post pictures from the Buddy Walk soon!)

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