October 5, 2009

Speech Conundrum

Chase started speech a couple weeks ago and it made me realize how focused we have been on his physical development without looking at other types of milestones. He is doing well physically and has yet to really miss any physical milestones. He still has weaknesses that we need to work on (developing better trunk strength so he can sit taller, learning to roll consistently from tummy to back, increasing use of his right hand, etc.) but he's doing ok. Speech, however, is a completely different story....

At this point in time, Chase should be developing his pre-speech skills. At four months a baby should start to babble and at six months should be both babbling incessantly and imitating sounds. However, Chase is not babbling at all, and is not even doing vowels, except when he is upset. He has always been an easy, quiet baby so it is not surprising that he didn't jump into the whole speech thing. But he has missed most of his speech milestones and is several months behind.

The puzzling thing is that he used to do lots of imitating vowels, and has lost that skill for at least 3 months. Our therapists are at a loss as to why he would have stopped doing this for so long. It is normal for babies to achieve a skill and then ignore it for a little while, but this has been a long lapse in his imitating. His hearing is just fine (he passed the hearing test and he responds to sounds) so that is not the cause. Now that we're doing speech therapy this ability might suddenly reappear, which is what I'm hoping for, but we're not sure what's happened for him to lose a skill like this.

DS moms - if you have any advice or experience with something similar, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

For everyone else - we covet your prayers that God would guide him through the pre-speech so that he might move forward with making sounds, imitating sounds, and progressing towards other speech and physical milestones.

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  1. Well, I have no advice. Eon is 8 mos. and was doing mamamama, and blablabla consistantly until a few weeks ago when he just dropped them. Now, he still does a sleepy aaaahhhhh thing, but that's about it. He doesn't imitate sounds either. Here, they won't offer speech until well over a year, so I'm interested in what they do with Chase. Sorry, I'm no help. But big hugs! :)