November 11, 2009

GI Doctor and the Non-Answer

We had our appointment with the GI doctor this morning and I don't think I've ever been so excited to be in a doctor's office! I was so excited and relieved to finally be seeing a specialist for Chase's constant reflux - his hurting vocal chords need a break! The not so great news, though, is that there was no real answer.....

Apparently most babies with reflux have their symptoms peak between 4-6 months. Chase's symptoms may simply be peaking later - even though his reflux is getting worse, it may just be about to peak and then get better. So the main suggestion from the doctor was to wait and see. That was what I was afraid of....

The good news is that the doctor understood that I did not like that response, and he still wants to have Chase do an upper GI test. We'll be scheduling that soon (I'm waiting for the nurse to call) and will probably get it done by next week. The doctor is willing to talk to me on the phone anytime, and we'll chat after we get the results back. Depending on those results, we may continue to wait or we may decide to have Chase's tummy scoped.

In the meantime, the doctor wants me to switch to a dairy-free diet in case Chase is allergic to milk. Although we only give Chase a bottle about once a week, we also have some hypoallergenic formula to try for him. Perhaps the change in diet will make a difference.

Please keep praying for Chase - that his reflux will resolve and that his vocal chords will heal so that he can start developing his speech. Please pray as well that the GI test will help us to know how to proceed.


  1. my nephew had the same problem. They switched formula and put him on Prilosec, problem solved. Poor guy, that must be uncomfortable.

  2. Chase is in our prayers and thoughts each and every day. My fingers are crossed that this new diet gives the little guy a break!

  3. He is a beautiful baby! You are doing a great job, it's obvious from his photos and your posts, you are both doing terrific. :)

    I used to work as a social worker with new moms and babies with DS. Later, with my 3rd son, I became the patient as we were told there was a good chance he would have Downs. We opted out of all testing for the of the pregnancy since we knew it wouldn't change anything, and he did not have DS afterall.

    My neighbor's daughter is the same age as my oldest son (high school) and has DS, just went to Homecoming with a date and a gorgeous dress to boot.

    Keep up the work, Chase is doing great.