November 2, 2009

OT Assessment Today

Today marked six months of Chase receiving occupational therapy and we "celebrated" with an assessment to see how he was doing. He is just about eight months old, so they gave him an evaluation for that age group which covers fine motor skills (grasping, eye hand coordination). He scored at 25% compared to typically developing eight month olds, and his skill set was at the level of a six month old. These numbers may sound low, but the therapist does think he is developing well. We have our things to work on (transferring toys from one hand to the other, shaking toys, using his thumb to grasp things....) but all in all things are going moderately ok in terms of fine motor skills.

These assessments are nice for us parents to gauge how things are going, but are also used to determine what services we will be able to receive from the Department of Family And Children Services. Because the assessments are used for these different purposes, they end up leaving us a bit schizophrenic... we really want Chase to score as well as possible so that we see that he is mastering the necessary skills and developing at a good pace - we obviously want the best for him! But the higher his score, the less likely it is for him to be approved for services. So in terms of a written report for our service coordinator, we want the therapist to emphasize the negative parts of Chase's performance to make it to look like Chase is not doing well at all and needs lots and lots more therapy. It definitely pulls our emotions in two directions!

We aren't expecting to have a physical therpay assessment anytime soon, but we should be receiving the results of Chase's speech-related assessment soon. Although speech is the area where he has really been lagging behind, today he started to say blah-bahb and mlawh-mlawhm which is such a huge step! I think his tummy hurt from whatever I fed him for lunch, and it made him say all kinds of weird sounds as he tried to complain about it! It's progress! :)

On a different note, we are finally going to see a GI (gastro-intestinal) specialist about Chase's reflux. We've gone through at least three medicines for it and none of them have helped at all. The first available appointment is on the 11th of November, so please pray that this appointment will finally help us to resolve these awful reflux problems! I'm counting the days till we go to see this new doctor!

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  1. Huh, maybe I should feed Summer something spicy to get a little indigestion going so I can get a mlawh!

    I know exactly what you mean about the good/bad parts of assessments. Let them write whatever it takes to get what you want for him... you know his talents.. you experience them everyday :-)