December 16, 2009

Accepting the Reflux

We went to the GI doctor for a follow-up after the upper GI test and the allergist visit. It looks like we just need to accept the reflux for now. The upperGI test yielded no problems and the allergist found no allergies. There can still be some food sensitivites or intolerances, and there may be some underlying issues, but for now we're going to wait. If things aren't better by the time chase is 11 months, we'll have an endoscopy performed.

In the meantime, we're going to keep Chase on a hypoallergenic diet and give him Alimentum hypoallergenic formula. (I stopped nursing yesterday because our therapists want us to increase the amount of bottles we give Chase per day because of his bottle-feeding issues...this led to a lopsided milk production which made nursing difficult. So I'm off the crazy diet and am enjoying pizza and beer and cookies and all the things I had to give up for two months! Please pray for this sudden transition!) We're also going to do some periodic food challenges to see how he reacts to dairy, wheat, etc.

So I am praying for peace of mind and improvement until the doctor says the reflux has gone on long enough that we should take more invasive measures to explore the issue further. Chase, at least, is so sweet and never complains about the crazy spit up! What a blessing!

The next week will be a bit chaotic as we reschedule therapies and cram things in before going on a nice relaxing Christmas vacation! While we're gone, we'll be working on getting up on all fours, oral motor, going from lying down to sitting on our own, and practicing our pincer grasp. It will be fun to do this with lots of family members around for motivation and new scenery to make spice things up! We'll give him lots of kisses and tickles in between :)

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  1. My son is on Good start. He still has the reflux but it has slowed down a lot. Not really sure why though. Knock on wood. Hang in there. I know reflux is so time consuming and not fun at all.