December 21, 2009

All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth!

I'm starting to see it - one of the front two top teeth coming in just in time for Christmas, just like the song! This will be #3 for him - a clear sign he's ready for some fun and delicious food!

In addition to the teeth, he's growing up into a big-boy baby in other ways! He's no longer nursing, he waves hello and good-bye from time to time, and even has started clapping a couple times! Lots of fun stuff which is so exciting to see :)

Other things we're working on include getting up on all fours to crawl, going to a sitting position from lying down, and using his thumb and forefinger to pick things up. Lucky for him, Santa has lots of fun new toys to help him practice these skills!


  1. Oh how cute, love it when babies start waving and clapping. My daughter just got her front teeth too. Want to get some professional pictures taken now.

  2. Oh my, could he be any cuter? What a sweetheart.