December 11, 2009

Allergist Today

We went to the allergist today to see whether Chase's reflux might be caused by food allergies. We did a skin test and found that Chase is not allergic to anything! That is great news, despite not answering our question about why Chase's reflux is so crazy. Even though there are no food allergies, there can still be food intolerances though. An intolerance could cause the reflux but wouldn't show up on a skin test.

Our next step is to do a blood test, which we will have done on the 16th. I will also be doing food challenges to figure out the intolerance issue as well. I have eliminated wheat, dairy, and soy from Chase and my diets for the past 4-6 weeks, and today have re-introduced dairy. We'll see if that changes anything, and then after a couple weeks we'll reintroduce gluten.

Hopefully between the blood test and food challenges, we'll learn something. Otherwise we'll have two options - wait and see if things clear up with time, or go forward with an endoscopy.

We also had Chase's 9 month pediatrician's appointment today which was short and sweet. No issues apart from the reflux, which is being covered by the specialist anyway. He was just over 20 lbs, putting him at 46% for weight, and 50% for height (on the typical baby charts).

Now for the fun tidbits: What did I do for my first meal with dairy? Yogurt, popcorn with butter, and ice cream! So excited that by Christmas, I'll be able to eat yummy Christmas cookies!!


  1. So nice that he has no food allergies! Although you still have no clue about what's causing the reflux... :(
    We took Robert few months ago for allergy testing too and he was allergic to crustaceans... :( He loved shrimp!

    Hope you guys discover soon what's going on! Hugs!

  2. Well that is good news. Could it just be that he has a vavle that opens to easily. Sorry I am not being technical here. Wysdom has reflux to and it maybe that it is just his physical make up. We are still looking into it as well. Best of luck and enjoy your Christmas treats.