January 10, 2010

Advocacy Opportunity

I recently received this email and thought I would pass it along to those who might be interested -

In advocating this past year to help save the funding for the school clinic nurses  throughout the state of Georgia, I made friends in multiple special needs groups who advocate for students in our schools.
I came to realize that there was a need for an umbrella advocacy group, to advocate for all of these special education students in Georgia (regardless of their medical needs).  So I formed one.

Just recently I formed a FaceBook page titled "Special Education Advocacy in Georgia".  I wish to spread it far and wide.  I do not have a 501c3 attached to it, it is simply a discussion and networking page.

In about a week, I am meeting with various legislators in the state who are involved with the "Special Needs Education Voucher."  Unfortunately as you know, the budget for this has been severely cut, I am going to discuss with them the possibility of reinstating the budget in the next legislative session. At least partially.

It would be quite helpful if this Facebook page had tons and tons of members on it when I visit the Capitol, to show that there is interest in this issue among the Special Needs community. So please, spread this page far and wide. Email it to your entire list. It is simply a discussion page acting as an umbrella for multiple groups, nothing more. No need to join, no need to pay anything.  Just show your interest in discussing issues by joining this page please.


Thank you,
JoEllen Smith

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