January 13, 2010

Feeding Update

Since Chase stopped nursing last month, he has taken to the bottle amazingly! Gone are the feedings where he would flat-out refuse to drink from the bottle or only want to chew on it. He is also eating solid food very well - he doesn't push the food out of his mouth with his tongue, but chews nicely.

Toothette pack of 25
One thing that we are trying to work on regarding feeding is for Chase to realize when there are little pieces of food in his mouth. Sometimes it will take a good amount of food to collect in his mouth before he realizes he needs to chew and swallow. This happens because of the low-tone, which causes a low sensory awareness. It just takes a little more input for certain things to trigger for Chase. To help with this, we are using toothettes - little things that look like lollipops, but instead of candy on the end of the stick there is a little rounded sponge. We use this to rub the inside of his cheeks, tongue, and lips to promote sensory awareness. Just one of the little tricks that we are implementing in our oral-motor therapy.

Regarding allergy issues, we think that it is the ascorbic acid which is added to fruit sometimes in baby food and even regular applesauce that causes some of Chase's splotchy eczema rashes on his cheeks. This would be why his allergy test didn't trigger an allergy to apples or peaches, but he clearly reacts to it when I feed it to him at home! Thank goodness for other parents who have helped us clue in to things like this, as the doctors had not thought of the ascorbic acid at all!

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