January 31, 2010


Source Naturals - L-Carnitine, 500 mg, 60 capsules
We have been giving L-Carnitine to Chase for a while, but apparently it has more benefits than we originally realized. We started giving Chase this amino acid as a natural way to strengthen the muscles inside his body to reduce constipation. It worked, which was wonderful! But I read today that L-Carnitine additionally can slow down brain deterioration, improve mental function and delay Alzheimer's. (Issues which are important to those with Down syndrome) Read more about this by clicking HERE. The article I am linking to cites the many resources that supports this theory, which I appreciated as well.


  1. I wonder if iodine might be supportive also (if there might be a deficiency)? I've just begun a nutritional supplementation regimen to support my thyroid, including supplementing with iodine drops (not the antiseptic used on cuts, which is toxic if swallowed, but drops meant to be used for supplementation), and because of that I've been reading up on iodine. I've noticed a lot of mentions of iodine's importance in brain function, especially in fetal and early childhood developement. Here is one short article that speaks about this relationship:


  2. I have read a little about it. I don't think we can buy it in Canada. I just started my little one on Nutrichem. I know that L Carnitine is listed in my nutritional book for DS. Thanks for sharing.