January 18, 2010

Rolling and Rolling and Playgroups

We're rolling and rolling over here now! I love to put Chase on his tummy and just watch him to see what he does. He's so close to crawling... or at least inch worming around the carpet, and today he started rolling from tummy to back over and over and over again! He had been rolling back to tummy for months, but only now is going the opposite direction on a regular basis. Yea! He's mastered it!

Our OT says that tongue lateralization (moving your tongue from side to side) helps promote crawling, as both movements use the same part of the brain. So we're not only going to be boot camping the crawling exercises, but we're going to focus closer on the feeding as well to help Chase start crawling.

On a different note, we were lucky enough to attend a playgroup with some of the families of the Down Syndrome Association of Atlanta this weekend and it was so great to meet these wonderful parents who had kids with Down syndrome of all ages. The range of personalities was amazing. There was the 14 month old baby who loved to crawl and play with paper, the three year old who loved to give hugs and kisses, the elementary school age little girl who seemed so smart and scholarly, and the little boy who was rough, tough, and oooooh so cute and loved sports! It is so much fun to wonder about the possibilities of who Chase will become - will he be into sports? will he love school? will he be creative? will he be shy? No matter what, we're already head over heels for him and can't wait to see who this happy and lovable little boy will turn into!


  1. Gosh, could he BE any cuter?

    And how awesome is it that you've found a playgroup of kids with DS? That will be so fun to have Chase grow up in.

  2. How did you find the group? How can we get involved in a group? We live in Tucker