February 15, 2010

40 Days of Life

Many of you have read that 90% of all babies diagnosed with Down syndrome in utero are aborted. That staggeringly high percentage is absolutely terrifying for me. I was forwarded information today about the 40 Days for Life campaign, which begins Wednesday, February 17 and goes through Sunday, March 28.   Immediately that 90% figure came to mind. 
The 40 Days for Life campaign is primarily dedicated to prayer and fasting in order to end abortion.  In case you are not aware of it and are would like to participate, you can go to their website (click HERE) to learn more. There are daily devotionals that begin tomorrow (Tuesday's devotional is in order to prepare for the 40 days that begin on Wednesday), which you can find by clicking HERE. 
 Thanks for listening and your consideration for participating.

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