February 6, 2010

Brain Gym Workshop

There was a great article in the Down Syndrome Assoc. of Atlanta's last newsletter (click HERE to read) about Montessori education, a method of teaching that was initially begun to help children with Down syndrome. This form of education is very individualized and follows each students' interests rather than your usual classroom where the whole group of students is taught the same topic simultaneously by one teacher. Instead, students are guided at their own pace by "guides" (not teachers) and by their peers. This form of teaching is used today both with typical children as well as children with special needs.

A friend emailed me after he read the article and saw many similarities between the things discussed in the article and the family's observations of their young son with Down syndrome. The family was able to get in touch with the author of the article, Ms. Marie Sneed, and their conversations were very helpful because of Ms. Sneed's background regarding Montessori methodology as well as her personal experience with a grandson with DS.

Ms. Marie Sneed will be giving a workshop in Atlanta in late February and early March to talk about how some of the tools used in Montessori education can help kids with special needs, especially regarding sensory issues. This workshop seems to be extremely helpful not only for techniques to be used in a classroom setting, but also at home.

Learn specific ways to prepare and use Montessori materials, adapt some
sensory activities, and include Brain-Gym based movement and music:
♦ to calm children
♦ help them focus
♦ improve their coordination
♦ and facilitate their learning.

Go home with dozens of practical solutions and strategies for children who:
  • are not able to sit still or roll on the floor
  • seem clumsy or bump into tables
  • move too quickly or have trouble calming down at bedtime
  • chew on their clothing
  • have trouble processing sensory information
  • need a lot of review and practice to retain information
  • cannot wait to run and swing on the playground
  • have trouble relating to other children
For more information on attending this workshop, entitled "Movement, Balance and Sensory Regulation for the classroom and at home",  please contact Marie at (404) 846-6517 or (404) 213-5199 or montessoriRSG@bellsouth.net

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