February 24, 2010

People Magazine - What a Track Record!

Is there a better guilty pleasure than People Magazine? It is the best motivator to get me to the gym - the quick chance for mindless perusal of award show dresses and silly news while I pound out some time on the treadmill. But every once in a while, there really are articles of substance....

I was thrilled to come back from our vacation to find that Reece's Rainbow was featured in an article in the Feb. 19th edition of People Magazine. This organization helps promote adoption of children with Down syndrome here and abroad.

What many people don't know is that although the abortion rate for babies with Down syndrome is 90%, there is a long waiting list to adopt a child with Down syndrome. Yes - many, many families want to adopt children with DS! Not only are babies (and kids) with Down syndrome a wonderful option for adoption, but there is an added plight in some countries where orphans with DS are institutionalized if not adopted by a certain age (often age 4). This does not mean that they would be sent to a nice group home with colorful therapies to advance their skills - I mean true, bleak, institutions where they are not provided with futures or hope. By adopting children with Down syndrome, families not only provide these kids with a loving home - they are also saving them from a life that none of us really want to think about.

Reece's Rainbow acts as a connector between the adoptive families and the children around the world waiting for their "forever families." But more than that, it allows people to donate towards a child's adoption by another family, so that families who wouldn't otherwise be able to afford the adoption would then have the opportunity to bring one of these sweet children home.

Kudos to People Magazine for publishing this story, entitled "The Wonderful World of Down Syndrome." And how great that this is not the first time that People has highlighted the positive lives that those with Down Syndrome are living - check out past articles:
  • "Growing Up Down" - People, 1994
  • "A Chance to Dance" - Highlighting the Boston Ballet Adaptive Ballet Program
  • Brad Hennefer, Golfer and founder of the Golf For Life Foundation (Yes, he has Down syndrome) was a finalist in the People Magazine All-Stars Among Us this past year
If you are interested in adoption or just want to learn more about this amazing organization, go to Reece's Rainbow's website. (click here) Added bonus - this organization has its roots here in Atlanta at Northside Hospital, where Chase was born!

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