February 9, 2010

Update on Chase

We took Chase to the doctor today and it turns out he has pneumonia and an ear infection - no wonder he's not too happy! We're starting him on antibiotics and hopefully he'll respond quickly, otherwise we'll have to go in for a chest xray. Because of Chase's hypotonia, it's hard for him to cough up gunk and it just settles in his chest.

Here are some specific ways you can pray:

- that Chase would respond to antibiotics and the pneumonia would clear
- that he would not be further disadvantaged through missing a week of therapy and that be would still make progress towards our primary goal of having him crawling by his birthday (3/10)
- that chase would be well in time for us to leave them with the grandparents and go on a trip just Scott and I (2/18-2/22)
- that Chase's blocked tear ducts would clear up as his sickness resolves so he doesn't have to have them lanced by the opthamologist (a procedure common with kids who have ds)

Thanks for your prayers and encouragement!

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