February 26, 2010

Skiing? With Down Syndrome?

While skiing last week, I couldn't help but wonder about whether our kids would get out on the slopes. We saw so many four and five year olds skiing down the green (and even blue) slopes with such ease! Would Chase ever be able to handle even a bunny slope? Skiing requires alot of skill, and seems just a bit on the dangerous side.... would a child with Down syndrome be able to participate in something like this?

I read an article this evening about mainstreaming in school - or in other words integrating kids with special needs into the typical classrooms. (Click HERE to read the article) It was a great article about schooling, but I loved reading that one of the kids with Down syndrome was an accomplished skier! What a neat little tidbit!

Each time I think that Chase won't be able to participate in some aspect of live, I'm proved wrong! I love hearing about how these kids can do almost anything!


  1. This is Joyce. So intersting that you posted this. Just last night we were at our sons band concert and sat behind a family that has a boy with Ds who recently turned six. We do not know them well but with our T21 connection we have always made a point to chat at school events. After the concert the mom asks the boy to tell us what he had done earlier in the day, and he said "ski." I couldn't believe it. She said he absolutely loved it and by the end of the class he was going up the tow line and down the bunny trail totally on his own.

  2. What cute sons you have! Oh my!!

    We live in Colorado and here ANYONE wanting to ski can!

    I have a little granddaughter born on 5/11/09. She, too, has Ds. Her mom was 26 and dad 29 when she was born. They learned about the Ds last Jan. Finding out early allowed them prepare for the surgery the baby would need as soon as she was born and begin the grieving/adjustment process. Piper came 8 weeks early; they do not think she would have lived had they not know of the dx prior to her delivery.

    We all adore little Piper! (9.5 mos/11 lbs/ 23.5")

    Very best wishes, Piper's nana :)