March 5, 2010

GI Update

So we've seen some blood in Chase's diapers but we're not sure what it's from yet. It's probably not reflux related but rather from his lower GI track. It could be from an irritation to the antibiotics he was on a couple weeks ago for the pneumonia, it could be from a food irritation, or who knows. We're going to just wait and see if it gets better/worse in the next week and then determine whether to run more tests. In the meantime please keep him in your prayers - hopefully this will just go away on it's own!


  1. Sorry to hear about that. It must be scary. I know that you are already dealing with the reflux so I am sure that this adds another worry. Hoping the tests come back good. Does he take anything to help him go to the washroom that could cause irritation? Anyways good luck. We are on antibiotics too and it create a bad cycle of things happening in the body. Hang in there.

  2. All the prayers I have are headed your way!