March 2, 2010

Katie Beckett - It's In!

I was finally ready to turn in the Katie Beckett/ Deeming Waiver application today! (For info on Katie Beckett, click HERE) It took much longer than I thought to get all the final documentation, but the two inch packet of paper is now in the hands of the Department of Family and Children Services. We'll be assigned a case manager within two weeks, and we should hear a decision within two or three months. I have been warned that they'll probably want additional information, clarification, or an updated evaluation.... so it may take a long time and extra steps to eventually get a final answer. In the meantime, cross your fingers and say a prayer!

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  1. fingers crossed and prayers said... Wishing you guys the best of luck.. I come and lurk all the time.. My little brother had Down Syndrome, and I thoroughly enjoy your posts... (and pictures.. your children are beautiful)