March 7, 2010

Safe Schools Initiative in Georgia

I received an email about this petition today and thought I would pass it along. To sign the petition, click HERE.

CURRENTLY IN GEORGIA, students in public schools can be restrained and secluded for any reason, at anytime, by any employee of a school district, without telling the student's family.  We urge you to become involved in a unique opportunity to end the dangerous and harmful practice of restraint and seclusion in Georgia public schools. 

The Department of Education has heeded the call of advocates to regulate the State's dangerous practice of restraint and seclusion by preparing for rule initiation in Spring 2010. Early draft versions of the rule have outlawed the use of seclusion and have somewhat limited the use of restraint. Additionally, prone restraint, chemical restraint, and the practice of restraint used as a punitive measure have been prohibited.

We applaud the Department's decision to address this issue through the development of a rule. This is a good start, but more work is needed. It is imperative that the child advocacy and disability advocacy communities speak up and insist that the rule be strengthened to prohibit the use of aversives, to require training for people administering restraint, to limit the use of restraints to situations involving risk of serious bodily injury, and to create enforcement and reporting mechanisms.

We have created an on-line petition that we will present to the Department of Education indicating the support of individuals and families from across the state.  By clicking on the information below, you will be able to read the petition and join us in this effort.  We thank you for your support and will continue to keep you informed about this every important issue.


Eric E. Jacobson (GCDD),  Ruby Moore (GAO),  Zo Stoneman (IHDD), Dan Crimmins (CLD), Debi Tucker (P2P)

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