March 16, 2010

So Much To Say!

The last week has been a lot of fun! Of course, turning one does not automatically cause sudden changes in a baby, but sometimes a birthday truly seems to boost what a little one is capable of!

Since Chase's first birthday last week, he has started using his signs quite often. He frequently lets me know when he's hungry by signing "eat", demands more food by signing "more", and automatically waves hello when appropriate. He even uses the signs on his own, as opposed to using them as a reaction to what we say or do. For instance, he raises his arms to be picked up when he wants us to do that, not just as a reaction to my walking over and starting to reach for him.

It's interesting to watch him in front of his Signing Time videos as well - he constantly uses his hands to mimic the signs that they are doing on tv. For Trent, it's all amusement and games (despite having picked up quite an impressive vocabulary of signs). But Chase really uses what he is learning to communicate with us. He's making more sounds and babbling lots, but we're really seeing definitive signs right now.

Feeding has also changed for Chase, as we have started giving him grown-up soy milk (instead of formula). We also restarted wheat so that we could retest him for Celiac disease (intolerance to wheat, seen in 10% of kids with Down syndrome) - the test would be inconclusive unless he had been consuming wheat for several weeks prior to the test. But since giving him wheat this time around, he has tolerated it very well and I am no longer as worried about it. I guess babies really can grow out of their food sensitivities.

He has been eating all sorts of new foods now that wheat is no longer an issue - yesterday for dinner he had a small bit of baby food with asparagus bits and couscous. Fancy, isn't it?! He loved every bite!


  1. Yay Chase! You are SO ADORABLE!!

  2. Thank you for finding my blog so that I could find yours! Your boy Chase is just adorable and I am so happy to hear that his allergies seem to be dissipating! I can have hope that Sweet Pea's will follow the same course!

    I can't wait to read more of your posts and watch our two kids grow up together! Thank you again!

  3. Adorable!! He's doing so well. I'm envious about how well he's accepting new food. Matthew should take notes from him. :-) Way to go Chase!