March 8, 2010

The Ultimate Motivation

Chase understands a lot of the signs that we've been using around him and has even been using some of them himself. He has been waving bye-bye and hello and signing for a while, and loves to say mommy and daddy with signs. Sometimes he'll sign "eat". But although he has known the sign for "more", he doesn't consistently use it. Today, however, I found a great motivator.....

For Chase's first birthday (coming up on Wednesday), we have made a lot of cupcakes - even some gluten free ones for Chase to eat. And yes, he LOVES to eat cupcakes! It has been the only time I've been able to get him to sign "more"!

More cupcakes, please, More cupcakes!


  1. Happy Birthday Chase!!! Thanks for posting on my blog with your encouraging words. I appreciate it! Hope Chase (and you) have a happy first birthday!!! :)

  2. how adorable - i agree with Chase - more cupcakes!