April 15, 2010

1-Yr Visit to Down Syndrome Clinic

Today was our yearly visit to the Emory Down Syndrome Clinic where a developmental pediatrician who specializes in Down Syndrome checks out how Chase is doing both medically and developmentally. We are lucky to have one very good doctor who has acted in this role for quite a while and she does a fabulous job of remembering all the kids, their past medical histories, and keeping up with the families in between visits. So today was both productive and informative as well as long and a bit overwhelming!

Chase had both a medical checkup as well as a developmental exam. Although the developmental results must be scored and are forthcoming, here are some cliff notes on the recommendations we received:
  • Chase will need his tear ducts lanced (a simple procedure but one that requires being put under) and we were told we might as well be proactive and get ear tubes put in place at the same time as he will need them in the near future if he doesn't need them already. (His ear canals are miniscule and he has chronic congestion....so might as well get it done now)
  • We should do a sleep study to see if Chase has asymptomatic sleep apnea as it is so common in kids with Down syndrome and often lacks symptoms.
  • Chase's reflux might not actually be reflux, but instead aspiration (breathing food/milk into his lungs) so we ought to do a swallow study. We will also need to go to the feeding clinic for their take on possible aspiration. His symptoms have increased lately, so this is important.
  • We got vitamin recommendations - to stop Piracetam (questionable benefit, unsure about long term side-effects) and to take Fish Oil instead of the Flax/Sunflower Oil we have been using. We are also holding off on taking the Nutrivene-D until we have an exploration for Chase's recent high liver enzyme numbers.
  • We should start exploring aquatherapy or physical therapy in the pool to make use of the water resistance and get Chase moving his legs around more - fun!
Please pray for us as we make these new appointments and schedule new tests. We will also be seeing the ENT, cardiologist, opthamologist, and regular pediatrician all within the next three months. But all in all, Chase is doing great, has good muscle tone, and had a lot of fun with the doctors!


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  2. It sounds like quite an overwhelming visit. I will be keeping you all in my prayers. I bet Chase got his mama's swimming genes and he's going to LOVE being in the water!