April 19, 2010

26.2 for Down Syndrome - Check!

The day began at 5:15 when Scott's three alarms went off to make sure he was up and getting ready for the ultimate marathon day, and forty-five minutes (and a frantic search for lost running socks) later, he was on his way to the bus that would take him to the starting line of the Boston Marathon. I'm guessing the adrenaline helped him shake off any sleepiness pretty quickly! The MDSC team wore red singlets with Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress written on the front in black, and navy and light blue DNA strands running around the bottom third of the singlet - both original and good looking!

The race was very exciting on many levels: the men's overall finisher won with a race record and the women's overall finisher (from Ethiopia) won but just missed a race record by two seconds. To make things even more down to the wire, the second place woman came in a mere two seconds behind her - we were holding our breaths while watching the finishes filmed live on tv. Afterwards, we took the train out to cheer Scott along the course, getting a picture of him and Chase while he briefly stopped by to say hello. Apparently the end to the course is the most fantastic marathon finish you could ask for - all the runners say it is just incredible! Too bad we were not allowed to get close to the finish line to see the emotional finishes with our own eyes.

Tomorrow we'll head back home and I promise I will post pictures when I'm back to my own computer. We had a fantastic couple of days here and I think we'll look back to this event for quite some time to take away meaning for our family. What a priceless moment to celebrate this little guy that God blessed us with and our family as a whole!


  1. Congrats to your husband!! So great that he could run for cause that is special to your family!!

  2. I think I am your newest follower! My daughter Emily has DS and is 11 months old. Congrats to your husband, I would love to a marathon for a great cause, I have run 3, so now I just gotta get to training if I am going to do another!