April 26, 2010

Endoscopy & Ph Test Scheduled

We have scheduled Chase's endoscopy for Monday, May 3rd at 9am. His reflux has increased so we are looking for anything that will explain what is going on.

The Procedure: A microscope will be used to look down his throat and into his stomach, and they will probably do a small biopsy of the stomach and duodenum (first section of the small intestine). He will be under general anesthesia for the procedure. While he is under, they will insert a probe into his stomach through his nose to measure ph levels. The probe will stay in for 12 hours and the top part will be taped to his cheek to try to prevent him from pulling at it. I will remove the probe at home after the 12 hours.

  • Please pray that the overall procedure is a success and that we might find an answer to what is going on to make Chase's reflux so significant and long-lasting.
  • Pray that Chase does ok with the anesthesia - kids with Down syndrome react a bit differently with anesthesia and take longer to come out of it afterwards. Some types are not as safe for kids with DS and I will be speaking to the anesthesiologist about what he will be using.
  • Pray that Chase does not pull at the ph probe or dislodge it.
  • Pray that Chase has minimal discomfort and does ok with the poking, prodding, and fasting.
  • Please also pray for Trent, that he might not be worried about his brother - especially when he sees him with a little tube in his nose. Pray that it might not be a frightening experience for either child.
  • Please pray for physical and emotional stamina for Scott and I. Thankfully we will have my mother in town to help us!


  1. Will be praying for all!! And will send lots of positive energy, mom & dad's way too:) Good luck Chase!!

  2. You and your family are in our prayers! I just know that Chase will do great though! Sweet Pea handled the fasting very well since hers were also early morning appointments. And she came out from under much better the second time which I hear is because she was older. You and Chase will be great!!! Keep us posted!

  3. Praying for your sweet boy and all of you.

  4. A lot of times children (typical) will have reflux until their core muscles are stronger which can take until they are walking. In children with Hypotonia, it can be longer than that, especially if they are delayed in walking or standing. I'm sure you are doing tons, but baby situps are something that you can incorporate as part of his diaper changes.

    I hope his tests come back good. I hate to see our kiddos being uncomfortable! He's such a cutie pie, btw!