April 21, 2010

Must See Documentary: Monica and David

I was thrilled to see a review today about the documentary "Monica and David", which was one of the films showcased at the 2010 Tribeca Film Festival. Although I have known about this film for some time (Alexandra Codina, a family friend, both directed and co-produced it), I have not seen it as it won't air on TV until October. (DVD release will be Spring 2011) But the review passed through my inbox today reinforcing my determination to see it!

The film intimately captures two adults with Down syndrome, who have fallen in love and marry with the documentary's cameras following it all. But don't think this is a cheesy reality movie - it seems quite the opposite. This couple looks so loving, so sweet .... but they are fully aware of all the challenges presented as a result of having Down syndrome. It turns this concept of having Down syndrome into a real thing being dealt with in real ways by real people. And it makes me think that marriage and true love might really be something that could happen in Chase's future.

Read reviews at DVD Talk Reviews and a full description at the Tribeca Film Guide.

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  1. I am soooo excited to see this... thanks for the share...