April 12, 2010

Two Special Blogs

A sweet friend sent me links to two new blogs which I thought were worth passing along a bit farther:
  • Wrestling with an Angel - Lessons in the life of a father learned through the struggles of his disabled son.  
  • Hope For Special Moms - Providing spiritual support and encouragement to women raising children with special needs.


  1. The Wrestling with an Angel link isn't working for me. The other one is though.

  2. I've fixed it - it's working now. Thanks!

  3. Hello, I found you through MBC - Mom Bloggers. I have a baby girl with Down syndrome. She will be turning three this May.

    I love your verse Ps. 139:14. It's our life verse for her. Thank you for sharing this blog with us. I'm placing you on my bloglist.

    In Christ,

    Windmills and Tulips