May 2, 2010

Aquababy Aquatherapy

We had our first aquatherapy session this past Friday and Chase had a blast! Although we don't want to add more therapy to our plate, our developmental pediatrician and other therapists thought we should try it so to encourage Chase to become more active and vocal. And it worked! Chase talked up a storm and kicked like crazy. - he was full of excitement and happy energy!

Aqua Jogger Junior - Purple
We did all our physical therapy exercises in the pool, even getting Chase on all fours on top of a Boogie Board board! We also used an Aqua Jogger made especially for babies/toddlers and fun Swim Noodles to help with the exercises.

Even though some of the exercises are hard for me to do with Chase on my own, I have discovered that just about anything I do with Chase in the pool involves him working his stomach muscles. With his shirt off, I can watch his stomach muscles flexing as he moves around and I know that even if we are simply playing, he is strenghtening his torso at the same time. It's nice to be able to work him out and play with him at the same time!! It is great baby bonding time and lots of fun!

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  1. So glad that Chase is enjoying aquatherapy. Landon loves it!! I did a post with lots of pics not too long ago. It is amazing the things our kiddos will do in the H2O. Such a fun therapeutic session:) But, of course, alot of work! Staying up on all 4's on a board in the water (while moving) is much more difficult than being on all 4's on solid ground. Definitely a good ab workout......hmmmm, maybe I should enroll in that class:)