May 13, 2010

DownsEd Conference in Atlanta !!

The Down Syndrome Association of Atlanta is bringing DownsEd from the UK to Atlanta! This conference is for Parents, therapists, teachers, etc.

A Brochure is available online HERE.

Mark your calendar for September 9-11, 2010. First deadline to receive a discount on registration is July 1st!

Click HERE to Register
To read more about DownsEd, please visit their website


  1. We went to the DownsEd conference when it came to CA last November and I have to say it was wonderful! A bit (ok, a lot) overwhelming, but wonderful. Sweet Pea was only 8 or 9mths old at the time so many of the topics were for the future, but it got us thinking about a lot of things. I highly recommend this conference to any parent! BTW, we did the 1 day parent version.

  2. I have a few of the workbooks from their website. I wish I could go!