May 3, 2010

Endoscopy and Ph

Chase did great with the endoscopy today - he but was groggy most of the day but is starting to get back to his normal self. He looks good though the ph tube is in place and taped under his nose and on his cheek. One end is attached to a machine which records ph levels and on which we punch in information throughout the day.

The probe will remain in for 24 hours and we have tiny arm restraints on his arms so he can't reach up to his nose to pull it out.

Biopsies will tell us whether it is reflux or allergy related. Either way, we should have some results at the end of the week.

On a side note, I love our Scottish Rite Children's Hospital - as always, they took great care of Chase and were so sweet and helpful! The nurses there are the best! And we always love toting the kids around in the red wagons!

Thanks to everyone for the support and prayers!


  1. What a little trooper!! Glad to hear things are going well:) Thanks for the update!!

  2. What a sweetie nana and boo

  3. Oh hope you get some good results. Yes oh the reflux. It's one of our issues too. he sounds like a champ!!

  4. I hope the testing goes well and you get good results or good answers! As always, Chase is such a cutie pie!