May 29, 2010

Eyes that See and Hearts that Understand

There is a great must-read, essay by Kelly Adkins at The Rocking Pony. Entitled "God Lives Under the Bed." It talks about how sometimes those who are mentally disabled live with such simplicity and simple joys - free from the entanglements of the complicated outside world. It is as if these lucky people are still living in the Garden of Eden, before the fall of man and before the appearance of all that makes life so hard and difficult to understand for the rest of us.

Our nurse at Scottish Rite Hospital this week attended to Chase and told me how much she loves working with kids with Down syndrome - she said that they just seem full of God and complete with joy. Although those with intellectual disabilities may sometimes "seem" closer to God, they are not without sin. (For example, stubbornness is one stereotype that comes up often with those with Down syndrome.) Despite not being perfect, those with cognitive disabilities sure seem to have something special to teach the rest of us - how not to get angry with others, how not to hold grudges, and how to love every simple joy in life and know that it is a true blessing from God.

It makes me think of the song by Mercy Me - "Open the Eyes of My Heart". I have a strong feeling that Chase will be helping to open the eyes of our hearts such that we will look at God in new ways.


Open The Eyes Of My Heart Lord Lyrics



  1. Love this post & the praise worship song. Thanks for sharing. Love, Chris

  2. I have always loved this song, our little Emily has definately "opened the eyes of our hearts". We have learned more about ourselves and how amazing our God is over this past year.