May 11, 2010

My Feelings Exactly

Thanks to Adrienne at "Our Unexpected Journey" for writing a fantastic post about her feelings as her son Bennett, who has Down Syndrome, approaches his first birthday. She truly echoes how I feel in alot of ways....
Even though it has not been an easy year, Chase has taught us so much and has forced us to look at what God really wants from us within our lives. Things that used to seem important - well, not so much anymore. We're still far from perfect, and we still struggle, but Chase and others with Down syndrome have done a great job at pointing us in the right direction and forcing us to be more compassionate. And these days, the little boys and girls with almond eyes just seem so incredibly beautiful and bring so much joy! We truly are so lucky!

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  1. What a blessing your family is to so many who are witnessing God at work in your lives...and I believe God is working in their lives as they observe your joy in the midst of trials. Soli Deo Gloria