May 8, 2010

Pinching Pincers

A family trip to the lake today was apparently prime time for Chase to show off his new skills.... He had a little snack of tiny raisin bits which he decided to eat one by one, picking them up with a newfound pincer grasp! He somehow figured out during the drive up I-75 how to bring his thumb and forefinger together to pick up the little pieces of food! Although it still needs a little perfecting, this is a huge step from the raking he usually does, typically scooping up a handful of cheerios with his whole hand instead of one by one with his fingertips!

Playtex Baby Coolster Twist 'n Click Insulated Cup: Boy ColorsWe also used a coffee travel mug style cup to give him a drink while hiking, and he again surprised us by doing much better drinking from a big-boy cup (without the spill-proof valve).

It is so nice to be surprised by Chase's newfound skills! :) Trent got to both hike and fish while at the lake - so he learned how to do some new things today too (and play with worms while he was at it - yuck!).

Today was also the first day on Nexium and so far things are going well. Although it's too early to tell whether it will solve his problems, he did get through the day without spitting up much. So far so good!

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