May 28, 2010

Sleep Study

Last night's sleep study went well though we won't get any result for eight business days. We got to Scottish Rite at 7:30pm and Chase was so thrilled to be there - he played and played and played! The tech covered his face and head with fifteen probes/wires and then wrapped gauze around his head like a turban. It was quite a sight, and obviously not the most comfortable way to sleep. But sleep he did, and displayed all the lapses in breathing that have scared us at home. Although he woke up many times, I only had to pick him up and he would fall back to sleep immediately.

The only issue that got in the way was Chase's congestion, which was so heavy that it undoubtedly skewed the results. But we needed to know how bad things get when they are really bad and whether  we need to take more serious steps when Chase does get congested. His airways are so small to begin with that any congestion makes breathing so hard! So we may need to repeat the study when Chase is well, but at least we're on the road to knowing what's going on and how to fix it!


  1. Yay! I think it's great that he was congested. That will give them an accurate picture of how it is when he's home. Hoping for a good plan!

  2. Wow. You are lucky to get it done. I am fighting to get one done for Wysdom now. I don't even think Wysdom would sleep with all of that on. Hope the results are good. I wonder if refux is an issue with Chase. I think it is from what i remember. Wysdom's reflux has calmed this week and his apnea spells have reduced and I think it was made so much worse by the irritation in the throat from the reflux. Anyways. Glad you got it done.:)

  3. Oh my goodness...I think you might be the only DS blogger that lives near me! It seems like most of them are all the way in California or up north! Glad you are on your way to some answers.

    Kelli @

  4. I can't wait to find out your results. Best of luck to you guys.