May 19, 2010

Tear Duct Appointment

We met with the opthamologist today to evaluate Chase's blocked tear ducts. She agreed that because he is still having this problem and is over a year old, we should go ahead and schedule a tear duct dilation sometime soon.

Although probing or putting a small cut into the tear duct is usually enough to solve the problem, the anatomy of a child with Down syndrome is more complex and normally requires more. She suggested taking one of two steps: Either putting a wire with a balloon attached into the tear duct canal which runs between the eye and the nose, and then expanding the balloon to widen that canal. Or, putting a small tube into that tear duct canal and leaving it in for several months for the canal to be dilated. (The tube would be removed at a later date.)  In the rare event that neither option looks adequate, we would be referred to a plastic surgeon to put a small hole through the nose bone to provide an alternate draining route.

For now, we will wait to speak with the ENT and GI doctor to decide about having ear tubes or the fundoplication (stomach surgery), as we want to have the tear ducts at the same time as one of these other potential surgeries.

Regarding the stomach issue, it is hard to tell if the Nexium is working - some days it seems to do a lot of good, although other times we've had some huge reflux events. So time will continue to tell whether it is the answer we are hoping it might be :)

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  1. I hope you find the answers quickly. I know how stressful it can be. We are on the road to some answers right now. Chase is adorable!!