June 15, 2010

Oral Motor Therapy - Sara Rosenfelt-Johnson Video

Despite trying not to constantly "therapize" Chase, we feel that he needs both speech and prompt therapy. After regressing on his speech skills and then remaining stagnant on speech due to his reflux, we tried to be aggressive to ensure that he would indeed push forward and start turning on his voice to vocalize. Speech therapy has been great to instill the skills of anticipatory play and communication, and within the first week of starting prompt therapy Chase began to vocalize much more!

Prompt has a lot to do with oral motor therapy, which many people have asked me to provide more information about. So I am including some links to Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson's blog where there is a video about the "why" behind Oral Placement Therapy (previously known as Oral Motor Therapy). The video and the handouts that go with it can be seen at www.talktoolsvideos.com. This should be very informative and a great resource for parents, therapists and professionals alike! Feel free to pass this on to anyone you feel would be interested.

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